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34th Annual INTELLENET Conference - Denver, CO

Now that the conference has concluded, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all who contributed to make this event possible, especially the speakers, sponsors, volunteers and attendees!

Once again, our Director of Training, George Michael Newman, did an outstanding job lining up an excellent group of speakers/topics including the unique PDT event. Special thanks to George Michael Newman, Robert Dudash, Peter Psarouthakis, Jim Carino, Ed Spicer, Jeff Stein, Ellis Armstead, Bill Blake, Remi Kalacyan and Jerry Adams. Without these great people, the conference could not have been so successful. Thanks also to Olga Cortes for helping with the registration table and Lois Blake for organizing spouse outings.

Thank you to our sponsors, Mike Yergey with Yergey Insurance and Mike Perez with IDI Data. Their sponsorship helped alleviate some of the costs of the conference and provided attendees with an opportunity to see their products throughout the week. A final thanks to those that contributed to the hospitality suite by donating to the conference registration bags and those that maintained the suite making sure snacks and refreshments were available to all. This truly was a group effort and we appreciate everyone’s contribution to make this a very successful event!

35th Annual INTELLENET Conference - Aruba in April 2018!